First blogging post ever

Really this is my first time blogging ever and I’m 33 lol. Going to be totally honest: This isn’t really my thing but I’ll give it a chance, or maybe two, before I officially make up my mind about blogging.

So why I’m I writing this: My girlfriend decided to challenge me to see which one of us can lose the most weight leading up to our vacation in February. And me, being pretty quiet but super competitive said, “Lets do it.”

So I weighed in at 177lb.

I guess I’ll talk to you about day one of the competition.

The day started at 4:30am—yes that is a. m. lol.
I ate my first meal of the day before heading out to the gym.

It was 1 packet of oatmeal made with skim milk with 1 large cup of water.

My gym session today was a leg focus with core work (pretty basic because my Mondays are a lifting/recover day. The fun cardio is done Tuesday-Sunday).

I had a snack around 8:30am—was an apple.

Lunch was early (around 10:30am). I had turkey chill prepared yesterday with a serving of salad w/ light dressing 1 diet Snapple.

Around 1:15 I had another snack 1 bowl of pineapple/blueberry’s.

Once home from work, I had a protein shake made with skim milk.

For dinner I had two turkey burgers with kale & half a yam.

Throughout the day, I drink water trying to get in between 1-2 liters.

So yea that’s day one will try to check back in later this week.